​​​​​​​Putting the spotlight on climate change is usually associated with giving bad news. Wanting to do a call to action to get people to actively do things to stop the damage to our planet, we tried looking for ways to communicate this in a more visual way. But still, we find ourselves faced with the conundrum of wanting to give a positive message about something that is going very badly. We find it can easily be interpreted in the opposite way. 
That’s why we believe it’s essential to portray the whole problem in order to show how our planet is in dire need for action, and then saying STOP to that, taking a moment to think and then taking action to revert the negative changes. 
We have developed a system that uses different visual resources arising from the search of climatic maps to communicate the climate problem we face and the need to say stop.
Graphic package for a sponsored segment.
Made at Plenty.tv
Plenty.tv & respective clients all rights reserved.

The colours representing climate change. Using a diagram we have designed 
specifically that shows different measurements (degrees, latitude and longitude).
We’ve decided to create a Stop button (a square inside another square), playing with the logo as the container for the button in order to use a universally known symbol and associate it with the brand for maximum impact.

Directed by: Plenty
Creative Director: Mariano Farías
Art Director: Lucía Izco
Animation Director: Macs Riedel 
Graphic Design: Lucía Izco
Animation: Macs Riedel 
Executive Producer: Inés Palmas
Producers: Clara Etcheverry
Year: 2016
Client: National Geographic Turkey

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